Uniquely in the world we use statistical research on anything we do. To be more precise, we use subjective Bayesian statistics. For an article explaining how to interpret subjective Bayesian statistics, please go to: interpretation of subjective Bayesian statistics.

The main point is that each statistical research boils down to a bet that we propose. If you refuse to take the bet, you agree with us that the probability that our research is correct is at least as high as ours, if not higher.

For the Neurogram® the statistical research is exceptional strong. 113 out of 119 people (95%) found their correct personality type using the subjective Bayesian version of the Neurogram® Interview Method for determining your personality type. Hence we offer the following bet. For the next 100 people who do the subjective Bayesian version of the Neurogram® Interview Method we pay you 95 pound sterling for each time someone doesn’t agree with the personality type the method comes up with, as long as you pay us 5 pound sterling for each time someone does agree. Or to put it differently, we are willing to bet 9.500,- pound sterling on the success of the Neurogram®.

Before you take on the bet, please review the data first, as it is relevant information to help you make up your mind about the bet. For each personality type the research shows the posterior probability that someone is that specific personality type with between the ( ) the prior probability the person himself assigned up front. This way you can spot people who were already convinced of their personality type before they participated in the research and people who generally had no idea about their personality type. As you can see in most cases the probability goes to zero for almost all if not all but one personality type. Even in cases where more than one personality type scores high, it nearly always is the highest score that turns out to be the correct one even if it comes down to .1%.