Enneagram and the Neurogram®

The Enneagram

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is the original model for the Neurogram®. The Enneagram is one of the most wonderful things humans produced! It has a mysterious background involving the Sufi’s and the Jesuits. It has helped many people live more fruitful lives and have better relationships with their loved ones and colleagues. I for one would not have the fantastic relationship I am in now if it weren’t for the Enneagram, let alone the high quality of the relationship. That is all due to the Enneagram and I am very indebted to the Enneagram.

Nevertheless, there are a few problems with the Enneagram. As wonderful as the mysterious history of the Enneagram is, the lack of a central authority means that quite a few bozo’s and charlatans are abusing the Enneagram to rip people off. This leads to people getting convinced of the wrong personality types or are being mistaken about the application.

Besides that, for personal reasons, with my own background as a Licensed NLP Master Trainer® I can’t combine the Enneagram with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as NLP and the Enneagram are incompatible. Whenever you see someone combines both the Enneagram and NLP be very suspicious because these trainers probably know neither the Enneagram nor NLP.

Finally, the Enneagram is too spiritual. I am all for spirituality. In my personal opinion everyone ought to lead a spiritual life as it enriches your life considerably. Nevertheless, spirituality is not the right way for personality typing. Just like alchemy was the predecessor of chemistry and astrology of astronomy, so is the Enneagram the predecessor for the Neurogram®. For the Neurogram® is based upon the Big Five, the most used “scientifically proven” theory within psychology for personality typing. The scare quotes are there because as a philosopher and subjective Bayesian statistician I doubt many psychological “proofs”. Nevertheless, scientific method is unavoidable and for that reason we have done a lot of protoscientific research into the Neurogram®. This research shows that 113 out of 119 (94.9%) people find their Neurogram® type correctly with the subjective Bayesian statistical method we use in our training programs. Such reliability can’t be found in the Enneagram.

The Enneagram and the Neurogram®

Fortunately, the Neurogram® is so much like the Enneagram that fans of the latter are more than welcome to claim these results for the Enneagram. Even though the best way of finding your Enneagram and Neurogram® type is a live workshop and a written test is the worst way, I happily present you with with either my book “You, Unlimited: mind reading the masses with NLP and the Enneagram” or my free report to discover your Neurogram® type through the original way of question and answer of the Enneagram. The reasons are that this is a good way to make you acquainted with the high quality of my work and you are less likely to go wrong as you would elsewhere on the internet. The price of “You Unlimited: mind reading the masses with NLP and the Enneagram” is £8.41 at Amazon and can be ordered here:

You, Unlimited: Mind Reading the Masses with NLP

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(If you want to read up on the interpretation of subjective Bayesian statistics, please go here: interpretation and protoscience.)